About us

ATC Professional Services was established with the aim of making its operations more cost- and time-efficient for its customers with its services, with maximum regard to the quality requirements set by the EFTCO.

Our modern and automated system allows a short cleaning time. Our staff is available to our clients 24/7.



Our corporate philosophy

During our work, we strive to apply the most advanced and most efficient technologies in order to be able to provide the highest standard to our customers. Due to the technological developments of our station and the continuous optimization of our work processes, we can ensure better and better quality by using less and less energy. Our proper product knowledge and commitment to the profession allow us to meet the expectations of our customers with safe, cost- and time-efficient, and environmentally friendly operations.

We strive for long-term, reliable and fair cooperation with our partners, thus helping them achieve their objectives.

Our values

Customer focus

Our managers and employees are aware of customer expectations during their daily work, and we adapt our operational processes to them.

Pricing policy

In order to serve our customer relationships to the maximum, we use flexible pricing tailored to market needs.


Due to our modern and automated system and experienced staff, we work with a short cleaning time.

Environmentally conscious operation

When performing our tasks, we regularly make sure that the environmental impact we cause is kept to a minimum and we use environmental resources sparingly. We pay special attention to wastewater treatment.


We are open to novelties, monitor consumer needs and technological novelties, and develop our operations accordingly.